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Membership Mobile App

UI/UX Design Case Study

Project Overview


Winter - Fall 2022

My Role

UI UX Designer

Tools Used


Privilee is the UAE’s top lifestyle membership app that provides unlimited access to premium hotel pools, beach clubs, gyms, fitness classes as well as exclusive restaurant, bar and spa deals. The ultimate objective for this project was to improve user experience by redesigning the app.

Project Timeline

The project was divided into three main parts for a better visual representation of the events overview. Starting with the discovery stage all the way to the final product.

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Current app's information structure is confusing and outdated making it difficult to use and wanting to come back to the app.

Our goal was to create a better user experience by improving the user flow and making the design more appealing.

My role

​My role in this project as a UI/UX designer was to take ownership of the website design, from concept to delivery. My responsibilities included: user research, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing, iteration, and collaboration with the development team.

Design Process

The Double Diamond is a structured design approach to tackle challenges in four phases: Discover/Research, Define/Synthesis, Develop/Ideation, Deliver/Implementation.


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Users Segmentation

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Competitive Analysis

Before designing an app it's important to research solutions that already exist. This will help strategically create a superior experience that allows the app to stand out from the rest.

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Create a map view which allows users to browse through venues near them


Allow users to explore certain features before they use it by understanding their context and provide relevant information within the app. E.g. onboarding strategy


Create excitement by displaying features that the competitors or similar business cannot compete with


Allow users to purchase from the app and connect all the dots to provide a smooth end-to-end journey starting from any entry point until a successful registration


Include features like Favorites, History, and How To Guide to make the experience more personalized

Previous App Design

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Redesign Process

Information Architecture

To better understand how we would construct the core experience for Privilee, we designed an information architecture. This helped us focus more on the experience and needs of the user and less so on the details that we would solidify later on. It also allowed us to communicate the entries and exits more clearly so we would have a better understanding moving forward.

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Design System

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Sign Up Flow

Sign Up Flow will now have the ability to explore the app after completing a lead form. Users will be able to view the map, venues information before purchasing the membership

Other Pages

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Users are now able to explore the app before subscribing to the full value of Privilee's offering

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Map & My Card

Redesigned experience of the Explore will now allows users to view and filter venues on a map. New Card screen have a reduced number of clicks to open the QR code which makes it easier and faster to check in at the venue

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With redesigned Home Flow users will now have a personalized experience with features like recently visited venues, favorites, collections, city based content and more

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Users are able to view their favorite venues, see history of their visits & purchases, invite friends, add family members, and much more

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Other Screens

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